DW20 / DW60 speed monitor

Sensors, Accesoires

The unit is used to control the revolutions of drives

The DW20 resp. DW60 is an electronic sensor with integrated evaluation unit wich allows rotating drivelines to be monitored. As such, the sensor is, among other things, able to collect the rotation data of multi-spline profiles from a distance up to 5mm. Here, the spines serve the purpose of transmitters so that no additional special pulse rings are required.

The sensor is provided with a fixed threshold (customer specific). Upon shortfall of this threshold, the output will be pulled to ground. Warning devices can be actuated with the help of the alarm. Thanks to this early detection, increased wear and the concomitant costs are avoided, and the life is extended. Production downtimes are also reduced, as a result of which a higher degree of certainty of planning is ensured. Further details are short circiut proof, pole safe and thermal control. Moreover, the sensor allows the pulse signal given by the transmitters to be used for additional evaluations, such as the intermediate measurement of speed.

Owing to the compact and rough case and the ease of installation and operation of the unit a high degree of reliability is ensured.

Application fields: 

In all technical applications in which drives have to be observed, the DW20 / DW60 is a valuable aid. Here are a few examples:

  • multi-spline profiles of agricultural commercial vehicle
  • during the development of maschine- and tractortechnology
Technical Data:

operation voltage:

10V to 16V DC

temperature range:

-20°C to +80°C

type of protection :

IP 66

connection cable:

4 x 0,25mm² different lengths in protective plastic tube connected firmly, AMP connectors

switching capacity:

max. 12V, 1A (12W)