Mini-C (hol551)

Vibration Monitoring

The ESW® -Mini-C is used for permanent machine monitoring and corresponds at this technical execution to performance level PL-c.

Unwanted vibrations,which occur through mechanical defects or imbalances, are detected at the monitored machines in time. Using the alarm relay,warning devices can be adressed.Thanks to the early detection, a rising wear and the associated costs is avoided and the life time is prolonged. Also production losses are reduced,whereby a higher planning security is guranteed. 

Through the integrated sensor, a stabil Die-cast aluminum housing and the easy installation and handling of the ESW® -Mini-C, high reliability is guaranteed. The device can be manufactured with an analog output, which behaves proportional to the measurement range. 

Performance-Level PL-c (acc. to EN13849) / category Cat.-2 

Diagnostic coverage DC = low / mean time to dangerous  failure MTTFd = high 

Application fields: 

At all technical applications in which oscillations occur, the ESW® -Mini-C is a valuable support. Here are some examples:

  • Fan,pumps and air blower
  • shaker,decanter and separators
  • Conveying and transport equipment
  • Drives
  • Instrument, processing and  production machines
Technical Data:

Performance-Level PL-c (acc. to EN13849) category Cat.-2:

diagnostic coverage DC = low meantime to dangerous failure MTTFd = high

operating voltage:

24V DC 10%

current input:

max. 45mA

temparature range:

0°C bis +65°C

type of protection:

IP 65


Aluminium pressure-die-casting

case dimensions:

98 x 34 x 64mm (w x h x d)


ca. 650g (with baseplate)

baseplate (optional):

aluminum baseplate 97 x 4 x 63mm with 19mm hexagonal bolt, M8 x 1,25 x 20mm, internal threat

connection cable:

different length and cable type, connected device side firmly


integrated acceleration sensor

measuring value:

vibration acceleration in m/s2 or schwing speed in mm/s

measurement range:

0 bis 10g (1g = 9,81m/s2), or 0 bis 20mm/s, non-adjustable, or 0 bis 15mm/s, 0 to 30mm/s, 0 to 45mm/s, adjustable over DIP switch inside the case

signal assessment:

arithm. average, aligned to RMS

frequency range:

1Hz bis 100Hz or 3Hz to 30Hz or 5Hz to 1kHz or 10 to 1kHz (-3dB)


Butterworth, 40dB/dek or. 12dB/okt

analog output (optional):

0 to 20mA or 4 to 20mA, constant current proportional to the measurement range

switching output:

potential-free changeover (30V, 1A)