Niveau-Control II

Level Monitoring

The level limit switch Niveau-Control is used to protect machines and equipment from the consequences of impermissible filled levels. It continuously monitors the level of the medium and upon the limiting values being exceeded or undershot, triggers an alarm.

Depending on the model, the watertight instrument has a working temperature range of -40°C to +120°C. All cabling work can be conveniently carried out in the installed state, since the Niveau-Control is connected from the upper side with a plug. Alternatively, the instrument can also be supplied with a sized cable. Also a potential free version is available.

Thanks to the simple construction, the robust shape and the ease of commissioning, a broad area of application becomes possible, and a high reliability is ensured.

Other features are the short-circuit resistant alarm output with reverse polarity protection, a test input for function testing of the entire electronics in the instrument and the self-sealing brass thread, with which the device can be e.g. directly screwed into an engine block.

Application fields: 

In all the technical applications in which the filled levels have to be monitored, the Niveau-Control is a valuable aid. Here are a few examples:

Level monitoring or overfilling protection for

  • water and coolant (glycol mixture)
  • oil (hydraulic oil, diesel, heating oil, motor oil)


Technical Data:

operating range:

9V .. 36V DC

Power consumption:

max. 10mA (w/o alarm)

temperature range:

-40°C .. +120°C (Water), -20°C .. +100°C (Oil and AVGAS)

protection level:



ca. 120g


AMP Superseal connector included, series 1.5 with silicone seals, Socket for single wires as a kit supplied

Compressive strength:

7 bar

Alarm output:

1 Amp continuous current over the entire temperature range, short circuit protection, depending on the version to ground or to supply voltage switching