Signal adaption MK4 (hol493)

Sensors, Accesoires

The signal adaptation MK4 is a flexible connection element between the real input values and the optimum input range of an A / D card.

There are a variety of powerful measurement and signal analysis programs, which aim to capture analog signals and digital prepare and evaluate. High-quality data acquisition cards, the signal is read into the computer. Many cards offer but only a voltage input at a fixed level for max. Resolution and no anti-aliasing filters for different sampling rates. The Missartung the sampling theorem will certainly lead to problems in digital signal processing of any kind.

In the real world are not only voltage, but also current or resistance as DC or AC with partially considerable offset of interest. Signals are usually not band limited and the level rarely match the A / D card.

Thus, the performance of an A / D card can be used in full, the signal-adaptive MK4 has been developed. The following features of this device:

Level adjustment for exploiting the accuracy of the A / D converter
To avoid tunable lowpass to aliasing in the digital processing
To measure measure converter to current, resistance, AC and DC
4 input channels, which can be set in each case independently of one another
ICP ® sensors can be connected directly

Application fields: 

In all technical applications where analog signals for subsequent evaluation circuits need to be adjusted. Here are some examples:

Measurement cards with analog inputs in stationary or mobile computers
various sound cards, if the software supports it

Technical Data:

Power supply:

3 x 10 cells = + 24V / -12V, 1000mAh


4 channels, analog input

Input impedance:

470kΩ at AC, 470kΩ, 47kΩ, or 4,7Ωk

Anti-aliasing Filter:

Levels: 4.6 / 6.3 / 8.8 / 12/17/24 / 33Hz; Areas: x1 / x10 / x100 / x1000

Connection cable:

7m data cable 2 x 0.34 mm², shielded Sheath material: PUR, temperature range: -40°C to +90°C