Small-Transmitter (hol603)

Vibration Monitoring

The ESW®-Small-Transmitter is used for permanent machine monitoring and can optimized for different application areas.
Measured value, signal assessment,frequency range,measurement range and output signal can be customized to the measuring task.
Unwanted vibrations,which occur through mechanical defects or imbalances, are detected at the monitored machines in time. Using the analog output,the following evaluation circuit or warning devices can be adressed. With the early detection, a rising wear and the associated costs is avoided and the life time is prolonged. Also production losses are reduced,whereby a higher planning security is guranteed.

Through the integrated sensor, a stabil Die-cast aluminum housing and the easy installation and handling of the ESW®-Small-Transmitter, high reliability is guaranteed. 

Application fields: 


At all technical applications in which oscillations occur, the ESW® -Mini-C is a valuable support. Here are some examples:

  • Fan,pumps and air blower
  • shaker,decanter and separators
  • Conveying and transport equipment
  • Drives
  • Instrument, processing and production machines
Technical Data:

operating voltage:

24V DC ±10%, protection against reverse polarity

current input:

differs in terms of version up to 40mA

temperature range:

-55°C bis +65°C

degree of protection:

IP 65

case dimensions:

108 x 55mm (h x Ø)


ca. 1,3kg

measuring value:

vibration acceleration in m/s² or vibration velocity in mm/s

measuring range:

max. 18g Peak or, 12g RMS acc. to 13mm/s RMS fixed value or adjustable with potentiometer or step switch at the range of ±20% or 10 to 100%

signal assessment:

average aligned to root mean square or peak value

frequency range:

10 to 1kHz, frequency range and Bandwidth are in depending on the measurement range 0,5Hz to 1kHz selectable


Butterworth, 40dB/dec

analog output:

0 to 20mA or 4 to 20mA at supply voltage 4 bis 20mA at current sink also 10mA ±10mA, 0 to 10V or 5V ±5V possible proportional to measurement range

dynamic range:

0 to 25mA, protection against reverse polarity