Сборка SMD

PCB assembly at Holthausen Elektronik:

A: Development:

Development and production of electronic circuits and associated boards layout.

B: Production

Production of small and medium-sized series in manual "Thrue Hole" mixed or pure SMD assembly.

Processing of possibly provided CAD data, e.g. EAGLE

(Easy-to-use Graphical Layout Editor) for the machine assembly of SMD boards.

Machine assembly of SMD boards down to design 0402.

Max. Size of the boards / use approx. 360x400mm

Camera supported SMD stencil printing

Camera supported SMD pick and place machine (useful for components with an unusual design)

Components can be equipped with rollers, rods or pallets

More than 200 different components can be equipped at the same time

Up to 6000 components / hour possible

Soldering by reflow oven or hand assembly

We use only "no-clean" solder and pastes.

Upon request, ultrasonic cleaning of the board is also possible

On request AOI control of the boards

Further information will be answered by our team upon request